Chapter Two:  Personnel

Procedure Title: Abuse of Sick Leave
Based On: Board Policy 3
Procedure Number: 2.23a
Date Adopted/Revised: August 8, 2007

State of Arkansas Office of Personnel Management Regulations allow an educational institution to establish a written policy to identify patterns of sick leave usage that may require an employee to furnish a certificate from an attending physician for any use of sick leave. South Arkansas Community College has identified patterns of sick leave usage that may require documentation as follows:

  1. Sick leave is often used in the month that it is earned;

  2. More than twelve (12) days of sick leave are used in a calendar year without a documented major illness;

  3. A pattern of taking sick leave after holidays, after paydays, or other discernable patterns and/or;

  4. An apparent attempt to use remaining sick leave before terminating employment at the College. 

If patterns of sick leave usage are identified, the employee will be asked for an explanation of the sick leave usage. The employee’s supervisor will request that the president review the employee’s explanation and determine whether a physician’s certificate will be required for any future use of sick leave. Abuse of sick leave shall be grounds for disciplinary action.