Upward Bound

What is Upward Bound?

Upward Bound is a pre-college program for high school students.  This program prepares students for education beyond high school. Upward Bound is for students who demonstrate an academic potential for higher education, who meet income qualification guidelines, and who are first-generation college students.

What Happens in Upward Bound?

  • Academic Development - Advanced Courses and Basic Skills are presented on the campus of SouthArk
  • Tutoring during High School - Students receive tutoring in high school subjects to improve their grade point averages or to maintain above-average GPAs. Academic success is a high priority in Upward Bound. College core curriculum, Pre-AP, and Advanced Placement courses are encouraged.
  • Saturday Academies - Upward Bound meets 18 Saturdays during the academic year.
  • Activities - Activities are planned each year at the SouthArk campus, and a variety of cultural and social activities are  planned at various locations throughout the region. Activities include museum and art gallery visits, theater presentations, movies, college campus tours, and an award's banquet. Calendar.
  • Summer Enrichment - Students attend an intensive six-week program that helps to ensure their success in post-secondary education.

What Does Upward Bound Provide?

  • Career Planning and Exploration - The world of work is considered to be a vital part of the educational process for students in UB. Students participate in a systematic career awareness program including: personality profiles, interest inventories, computerized career research, occupational resource persons, and writing resumes.
  • Post-Secondary Orientation - Time and effort are spent in preparing students for college. Activities include providing information on colleges, completing admissions, financial aid applications, scholarship applications, and visiting other college campuses.
  • Emotional Development - Students' perceptions of self, their values, and abilities are sharpened in UB. Different skills are explored and developed in decision making, positive self-expression, coping, goal setting, conflict management, and leisure/recreational activities.
  • Stipends - Students receive monthly stipends for personal needs during the academic year and summer. This stipend is dependent upon attendance, participation, and satisfactory academic progress.
  • Joining Upward Bound - Currently, El Dorado High school and junior high students interested in becoming involved with the Upward Bound program should contact their local school counselors or SouthArk Community College for more information.



For more information, contact Barbara Howell.