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SouthArk's Virtual Career Center is your self-guided, one-stop destination
for career exploration, job searches, resume-building, and more. 

It's easy to get started!

          Find a career direction
                   Use KUDER career assessment to research career path

     Brush up skills
             Job and Career Accelerator has programs to review software and other basic skills

     Learn how to get the interview
               JobLingo workshops will help with all of the details 

     Master the interview
               JobLingo, Job and Career Accelerator, KUDER, and ARJoblink have videos and workshops 

     Prepare a resume' and reference list
               KUDER, Job and Career Accelerator, and ARJoblink have tools to develop and upload an
               effective resume

     Search for jobs
            AR Joblink, USAJobs, Eldoark.com, GoElDorado.com have links to local, regional and
               national jobs

     Research jobs and the companies that have them
            Google search, FB search, O*Net search

     Apply for jobs
            AR Joblink, USAJobs



Explore the VCC


The SouthArk Virtual Career Center offers a wide range of online resources for new grads, career changers, job-seekers, veterans, such as free training and skill-building resources, interest and aptitude assessments, and career information.


Kuder Journey  

Job and Career Accelerator

Training and Skill Improvement Resources

  • Student Lingo
    • Academic and Career Exploration
    • Learning to Learn
    • Personal Management
    • Reading and Writing Strategies

Available in The Learning Center (TLC)

  • Teknimedia--learn basic computer skills
    • KeyTrain--improve your career readiness skills
    • Mavis Beacon--practice and improve your typing sklils
  • MySkillsTutor--improve your academic skills in a variety of subjects


 Skill and Interest Assessments

For New Grads
and Career Changers

 For Veterans

Free Services


 Local Jobs 


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