Writer's Guidelines

Writers Guidelines

Writers Guidelines

           The South Arkansas Historical Journal is published once each year, usually in the fall.  The editors, Ken Bridges and Bart Reed, accept manuscripts all year.  The editors seek nonfiction articles that explore some aspect of South Arkansas history, including but not limited to the Native American, pioneer, Civil War, and modern eras.  Articles should focus on notable historic figures, institutions, organizations, buildings, and technological advances; accounts of important events; descriptions of everyday life based on oral history; and local manifestations of or reactions to national events or trends.  The editors welcome well documented and clearly labeled photographs, postcards, old newspaper clippings, and facsimiles of documents that illustrate and corroborate the material contained in the manuscript.   Book reviews are also welcome if they pertain to recent titles relevant to South Arkansas history.  The editors will also consider well written literary interpretations of historic persons or events (e.g. Dan Ford’s “Court of Inquiry” in the Fall 2002 Volume) presented as drama, poetry, or short stories.  All literary interpretations of past events should be well rooted in the historic record.
           Generally, manuscripts should not exceed 3,000 words in length, but the editors will consider longer manuscripts if space is available.  Manuscripts should be typewritten on 8½" x 11" white paper and double spaced with one-inch margins.  A standard 12-point font should be used with as little coding (bold, italics, etc.) as possible.  Handwritten manuscripts or those typed in all capital letters will not be accepted.  Query letters or complete manuscripts should be sent to the above address.  Electronic submissions are welcome via email or disks, but they should be saved in Rich Text Format to make them compatible with the editors’ computer programs.  These may be e-mailed to both editors at kbridges@southark.edu or bartreedsau@gmail.com.  A brief biographical sketch that includes information about the author’s background, qualifications for writing on the subject, and a list of previous publications–if any–should be attached.  Manuscripts not accepted for publication will be returned if an addressed, stamped envelope is included.  Any reference to outside sources should be carefully documented, using any commonly accepted documentation style such as MLA or Turabian. 
            Authors whose manuscripts are accepted for publication are given a byline and will receive three copies of the journal.  Additional copies may be purchased for $5.00 each.  Back issues may be ordered for $7.00 each.  The Journal requires First North American Serial Rights, and the editors appreciate being informed of simultaneous submissions of the manuscript to other publications.
  For additional information about the MLA documentation guidelines, see the MLA Style Manual and Guide to Scholarly Publishing, or see the style section of the MLA web site: http://www.mla.org.  If a manuscript is otherwise publishable but the documentation style does not conform to these guidelines, the editors will work with the author to make sure the documentation fits the MLA style.  For additional information about the Turabian style (also known as the Chicago style), consult the guidelines posted at http://www.chicagomanualofstyle.org.  Or write the Journal at:

South Arkansas Historical Journal
P.O. Box 10201
El Dorado, Arkansas 71730-0201

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