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Academic and Career Achievement Program (ACAP)

The mission of ACAP is to empower individuals to live, learn, work, and participate in the social fabric of our community. We believe
given the opportunity and proper support, all individuals can achieve academic success, successful careers, and personal growth.

About ACAP

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Our Mission  

The mission of ACAP is to empower individuals with intellectual, developmental, and other neuro disabilities to live, learn, work, and participate in the social fabric of our community.  We believe given the opportunity and proper support, all individuals can achieve academic success, successful careers, and personal growth.

Our Program

The Academic and Career Achievement Program (ACAP) is a custom-tailored learning program that offers students a unique post-secondary opportunity to further their formal education and become self-reliant.  The conceptual framework for the program depicts four standards as cornerstones of practice:  Academic Access, Career Development, Campus Inclusion, and Self-Determination.

In addition, integration with the college system, coordination and collaboration, sustainability, and ongoing evaluation will be necessary to create a cohesive framework that will support the tenets of the Higher Education Opportunity Act.

The objectives of the program are to enable students, while in a supportive college environment, to transition into greater and enhanced independent living through developmentally appropriate social, life, academic, and vocational skills.  Students will learn how to meet daily challenges confidently and independently, and become productive citizens in the community.

Who We Serve

The ACAP program at South Arkansas College is designed for individuals who have Intellectual Disabilities (ID) or Developmental Disabilities (DD), and who can benefit from the college experience.

Our Goal

The ultimate goal of the ACAP program is to allow students with special needs to have an inclusive college experience by attending classes, abiding by college rules, participating in college activities, clubs, and events, all while preparing for gainful employment after graduating from the program.

Our Curriculum

The ACAP curriculum has been designed to create a learning experience where young adults with special needs are empowered with skills necessary to be independent, engaged, and contributing members of the community.  The curriculum, learning activities, and internships are structured around social interaction, personal development, independent living skills, preparation for a certificate or degree-seeking program, and/or preparation for employment.

Students interested in applying for entrance into the program must contact the Program Director to set up an appointment for an interview, complete an application, and schedule a time to take the TABE test.  A diverse selection committee appointed by the Dean of Continuing Education selects students who meet eligibility requirements for the program.  Students may be placed on a waiting list if all available slots are full.  Class size is limited to 16 students per class.

Eligibility Requirements.

Applicants must:

  • Have a documented intellectual or developmental disability
  • Be between the ages 18 and 29 years of age.  (Applicants over 29 years of age will be screened and a needs assessment will be completed.  Applicants will be considered for the program if our ACAP staff deems post-secondary education is the best fit for the individual.)
  • Score second-grade level or above on reading scores on Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE).
  • Demonstrate a strong interest or desire to pursue post-secondary education to expand career and life opportunities.
  • Have completed high school with a modified/standard diploma, or a certificate of program completion/achievement.
  • Submit a Letter of Referral & school schedule from High School (Form/directions in intake packet).
  • Be able to commit to a two-year college certificate program and meet the requirements of the program.
  • Have experience in attending and participating in classes for up to 90 minutes at a time.
  • Be able to navigate college campus independently and manage own self-care.
  • Be able and willing to learn and participate in inclusive classroom and work settings.
  • Be able to follow the SouthArk Student Standard of Conduct.

Faculty and Staff  

Byron Winn, director
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