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Adult Education

The Adult Education Program provides Arkansas residents with the opportunity to improve their basic reading, writing, and math skills.
Students may work on basic skills to improve their ACT scores, to take the Official GED Test, to improve their employability skills, to
advance their workplace skills, or to gain personal satisfaction. The core Adult Education programs are GED, WAGE, and ESL.

Adult Education Services

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The Test of Adult Basic Education is administered to assess academic needs for placement, instruction, WIOA, and other programs.  The TABE is the key placement test utilized for Adult Education program enrollment including GED®, WAGE™, and ESL.  Students must provide a valid Arkansas ID or other proof of Arkansas residency in order to enroll and receive services.


The Arkansas High School Diploma can be earned by passing a series of general knowledge exams.  The tests cover the following subjects: writing skills, social studies, science, literature and the arts, and mathematics.  The GED® Test may be taken at South Arkansas College.  Students must take a pre-test and present those results with an application to test before taking the state GED® Test.

English as a Second Language - ESL

This class is designed for students who have little or no background in the English Language as well as students who have limited use of the English Language.  Alphabet sounds, simple commonly used verbs, and basic understanding of grammar and basic functional language are emphasized for the beginning students.  Intermediate and advanced students learn to speak in various situations and become more comfortable in speaking in different social gatherings.  Intermediate and advanced classes focus on clarity of pronunciation, speed-reading, vocabulary building, written essays, and formal speech presentations.


WAGE™ is not just a test.  It is a State of Arkansas Certification that adults can earn in order to gain employment or advance current employment opportunities.  Therefore, Workforce Alliance for Growth in the Economy (WAGE™) Certification is ultimately designed to address the need to improve the workplace basic skills of the unemployed and under-employed labor pool.  The WAGE™ Program is an industry, education, and community collaborative for workforce development. 

Students can expect to take multiple tests and attend classes to improve basic language, reading, and math skills.  The program is free to students; however, students invest their time and learning to the program.  The employers that require or prefer the WAGE™ Certificate during the hiring process understand that WAGE™ completers are able to start and finish an educational program and are trainable.

Distance Learning

Through Distance Learning (DL), students are able to work on GED® and WAGE™ curriculum off campus.  Distance Learning is available for approved students that are currently enrolled in Adult Education.  Approved students must have valid email and regular access to a computer and internet connection in order to participate.  Although DL students are working off-campus, DL students must remain in contact with Adult Education in order to submit hours for approval and progress in their selected program.

IET students are encouraged to enroll in DL in order to complete WAGE™ Employability Certification at a faster pace for the CPT Program.