The Phlebotomy program at South Arkansas Community College is only one semester in length and students successful in the 7 credit hour course will graduate with a Certificate of Proficiency (CP) from the college. Application to the program isn't required. Admission is on a first-enrolled basis if tuition and fees are paid on time.

The Phlebotomy program centers on the study of phlebotomy, professionalism, patient relations, basic medical terminology, types of specimens, specimen collection procedures, complications of venipuncture, adaptations for special limits and special types of patients, and the actual collection of laboratory specimens. Upon successful completion of all coursework, the student will be eligible to sit for one or more national certification examinations in phlebotomy. We use NHA (National Healthcareer Association) for the CPT exam (Certified Phlebotomy Technician).

Phlebotomy certification is NOT required by the State of Arkansas but may be required by individual health care facilities for employment. Each class is limited to a maximum of 14 students. The first 14 students who complete the admission process to South Arkansas Community College will be allowed to register for the course and pay tuition and fees. Positions in the class cannot be held for specific individuals until admission requirements are met. If students fail to pay tuition and fees on time, those students will be dropped from the course and additional students will be allowed to register for the vacated positions in the class.

Program Completion and Graduation Requirements
To complete program and graduation requirements, the student MUST:
1. Successfully pass by earning a “C” in the course/program
2. Successfully pass a skills competency check-off
3. Successfully complete a minimum of 100 successful unaided blood collections and a minimum of 100 clinical hours in assigned health care facilities
4. Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00 or higher

Phlebotomy Practicum:  Practicum location and clinical setting assignments vary and rotate for each student. The Program Director/Instructor will assign practicum location and hours and will attempt to schedule each student in an area near their residence location but this isn’t always possible so students should be prepared to travel within the region for practicum assignments. Potential assigned locations for practicum experiences include health care facilities within the south Arkansas and/or north Louisiana region, including El Dorado (MCSA), Magnolia (MRMC and/or Southern Medical Group), Crossett (ACMC), Camden (OCMC), Monticello (Drew Memorial Med. Ctr.), Springhill, La. (Springhill Medical Center), and others. Other practicum locations may be added as the need arises and if both parties are agreeable to an affiliation agreement. In the event of problems with practicum assignment placement and/or termination of affiliation agreement(s): the student may be assigned to another health care facility that already has a current affiliation agreement with the SouthArk Phlebotomy program (since the college has affiliation agreements with numerous regional facilities) and/or the college will secure an affiliation agreement with a new health care facility as necessary. Most, but not all, of the current affiliation agreements include a clause that states that a termination “by either party per a minimum of a 90-day written notice… shall not become effective with respect to students currently enrolled in the program and assigned to clinical rotations at the facility until completion of their assignment in the facility.”

IMPORTANT NOTE: Students must pass a criminal background check and a drug screen in order to be allowed to perform the practicum component at health care facilties. Students who do not pass both of these screenings will not be able to remain in the program due to lack of ability to successfully complete the practicum component

Service work by students:  Students performing the required practicum experiences in health care facilities may not count hours working as an employee at a facility, may not be paid by the facility for practicum hours performed, and may not be considered as staff replacement by the assigned health care facility. At NO time is it the responsibility of the student to “work” in an official capacity during practicum hours. Students should be under professional supervision at all times. This includes health fairs, wellness preventions, blood drives, etc. Any service work outside of the clinical setting is not expected nor a requirement of this program and is completely voluntary.

To successfully complete and graduate with a certificate of proficiency in Phlebotomy, the student MUST earn a grade of “C” or higher in the phlebotomy course, which includes theory, laboratory, and practicum components.

The South Arkansas Community College Phlebotomy program is approved by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS), which is located at 5600 N. River road, Suite 720, Rosemont, IL 60018-5119. NAACLS phone number is 773-714-8880;