Honors Program

An intellectually-stimulating, supportive, personally-rewarding learning environment for exceptional academic students, in an atmosphere in which the best and brightest can excel.

Students who graduate from the SouthArk Honors Program are guaranteed acceptance by the Honors College at Southern Arkansas University.

SouthArk's honors credits represent half of the 24 total needed for graduation from SAU's Honors College.

Eligibility: Minimum 23 composite score on the ACT or equivalent.

Benefits: Affiliation with students of like abilities in enriched honors courses as well as co-curricular activities; small classes with more personalized and individual mentoring; guaranteed acceptance into the Honors College at Southern Arkansas University upon completion of the program; notation on the SouthArk transcript of Honors Program completion

Requirements: Completion of at least 12 credit hours of honors courses while finishing certificate or degree at SouthArk.

The Honors Program is coming soon!  Please contact Dr. Ken Bridges at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details!