Recruitment and Student Activities


The SouthArk Recruiter has the primary function to recruit students to South Arkansas Community College and arrange activities for current students.

Recruiting involves visits to area high schools to speak with counselors and students about SouthArk. The recruiter also participates in all area college and career fairs to share information with prospective students, both traditional and nontraditional.  Campus tours are conducted by the recruiter for prospective students and parents.  Student Ambassadors, for the college, report to the recruiter to assist with college functions and to serve as a liaison between students and college representatives.

Student activities are arranged and supervised by the recruiter.  The gym facilities, weight room, and exercise room are coordinated by the recruiter.  New student orientations, high school senior days, voter registrations, and group visitations are all functions of the recruiter.

Senior Day

Senior Day is an opportunity for you to come to SouthArk and experience college life. 

We will discuss with you how to get enrolled in the college, how to get the money that you need to attend college and explain everything you want to know about college. 

You will get to meet people from the area who are attending SouthArk in the fall, meet new friends and actually attend a class in which you have some interest. This is the opportunity that you have been waiting for so don’t let it pass you by!


The purpose of academic advising at South Arkansas Community College is to communicate the expectations of the College, to orient students to higher education, and to help students meet their career goals. All certificate and degree-seeking students will be assigned an academic advisor except those enrolled in three (3) hours or less. Advising is available online for students. After conferring with their advisors, students will register in courses consistent with their abilities and career choices. Advisors are available during their posted office hours and during registration.

Who Are My Advisors?

An academic advisor will be assigned to you during the admissions process. Students are asked to visit with their advisors (via phone, appointment, or e-mail) before attempting to register. Your advisor will help you select courses that meet graduation requirements in a timely and efficient manner. The program instructors in health, business, computers, and technical programs serve as academic advisors for students enrolled in these programs. Advisors are available during their posted office hours and during registration.

You may schedule an appointment with an Academic Advisor here.

Academic Advising by Email 

You can email questions directly to an advisor at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will make every effort to respond as quickly as possible. Response time may vary during registration.


Orientation is an excellent way for the college to present a lot of important information to incoming students. Orientation sessions usually last about an hour and then we help the students get registered for the coming semester.

Topics covered in Orientation include:

  • Financial Aid
  • How to Register
  • Tips for being successful at SouthArk
  • Introduction to all of the wonderful academic services that the college provides.

Orientation sessions are listed in the schedule of classes and every student is encouraged to attend orientation.

Student Government Association (SGA)

Student Government Executive Council:

  • Johnathan Harbour-President
  • Jasmine Ferguson-Vice President
  • Aly Coker-Secretary
  • Terrell Glosson-Treasurer
  • Janice Shelton-Historian

Student Government's mission:

  • To serve as an official and representative student organization
  • To serve as the official voice through which student opinion may be expressed
  • To investigate student issues or concerns or challenges and take appropriate action
  • To encourage the development of responsible student participation in the overall policy and decision making process at SouthArk
  • To foster an awareness of the student's role in the learning community
  • To enhance the quality and scope of education at the college
  • To provide means for responsible and effective participation in the organization of student life 

Student Government consists of an Executive Council and a Senate comprised of elected SouthArk students who meet regularly to introduce, discuss and vote on legislation for the student body.  Students have the right of inquiry, speech and petition before the Student Government Council.  All students are encouraged to attend the open meetings.