Important Dates

College Transition Calendar

August 2016  
Aug 1 Paperwork and payments due for Fall concurrent classes
Aug 7 Deadline to apply for the Sept 10 ACT
Aug 22 SouthArk Classes Begin
September 2016  
Sept 5 Labor Day Holiday, college closed
Sept 10 ACT
Sept 16 Deadline to Apply for Oct 22th ACT
October 2016  
Oct 12 Last Day to apply for December Graduation
Oct 18 Union County College Night
Oct 22 ACT
November 2016  
Nov 4 Deadline to Apply for December 10 ACT
Nov 15 Last day to withdraw from a course with a grade of “W”
Nov 23-25 Thanksgiving Holiday, no classes
Nov 24-25 Thanksgiving Holiday, campus closed
December 2016  
Dec 1 Last day of classes; SouthArk
Dec 5-8 SouthArk Final Exams
Dec 9 Semester Ends, grades due
Dec 10 ACT
Dec 15 Commencement
January 2017  
Jan 6 Paperwork and payments due for Spring concurrent classes
Jan 13 Deadline to Apply for Feb 11 ACT
Jan 11 SouthArk Classes Begin
Jan 16 Martin Luther King Holiday, college closed
February 2017  
Feb 11 ACT
March 2017  
Mar 9 Last day to apply for May Graduation
Mar 3 Deadline to Apply for April 8 ACT
Mar 14 Transfer Fair
Mar 20-23 Spring Break, no classes
Mar 24 Spring Break, campus closed
April 2017  
Apr 17 Last day to withdraw from a course with a grade of "W"
Apr 8 ACT
Apr 27 Last day of SouthArk classes
May 2017  
May 1-4 SouthArk Final Exams
May 5 Semester Ends, grades due
May 5 Deadline to Apply for June 10 ACT
May 12 Commencement
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