Occupational Therapy Assistant - AAS

Occupational Therapy is a dynamic profession working with people with physical, emotional, and other challenges. It is a well-paid, satisfying career where a caring professional can make a difference and help people regain independence and get back to enjoying life to its fullest.

The Occupational Therapy Assistant Program prepares students to work in one of the fastest growing professions in the country. Students in the Occupational Therapy Assistant Program begin with general education prerequisites to prepare them for areas they will study in the Occupational Therapy Assistant Program.

Once students are accepted into the Program, they take specialized Occupational Therapy Assistant courses that prepare them to work in hospitals, outpatient clinics, schools, and many other areas.

The Program begins with lecture courses and then adds “hands-on” learning and application of therapy skills needed to be successful in the variety of jobs.

Application packets for entry into the program are available in the Program Director’s office. Seventeen students are admitted to the program on a yearly basis.

Students successfully completing this program will be awarded the Associate of Applied Science Degree. Graduates of the Occupational Therapy Assistant Program are able to sit for the national certification examination for the occupational therapy assistant administered by NBCOT. After successful completion of this exam, the individual will be a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant (COTA).  Most states require licensure in order to practice; however, state licenses are usually based on the results of the NBCOT Certification Examination. A Felony conviction may affect a graduate’s ability to sit for the NBCOT certification examination or attain state licensure.

The Program is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education (ACOTE) of the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA), located at 4720 Montgomery Lane, Suite 200, Bethesda, MD 20814-3449 (Phone 301-652-6611 Ext. 2914, FAX 301-652-1417), www.acoteonline.orgwww.aota.org.

ENGL 1113 Composition I 3
ENGL 1123 Composition II 3
MATH 1023 College Algebra 3
CSCI 1003 Computer and Information Processing 3
PSYC 2003 General Psychology 3
PSYC 2223 Developmental Psychology 3
PSYC 2203 Abnormal Psychology 3
SOCI 2003 Introduction to Sociology 3
BIOL 2064/L Anatomy and Physiology I/Lab 4
BIOL 2074/L Anatomy and Physiology II/Lab 4
BIOL 2304/L Kinesiology/Lab 4
OCCU 1003 Introduction to Occupational Therapy 3
  Pre-requisite Credit Hour Total 39
*Any substitutions to the stated academic pre-requisites must be approved by the OTA Program Director prior to application to the program.
OCCU 2103 Knowledge, Health, and Wellness of Disease Processes 3
OCCU 2003 Body Structure and Function in Occupational Therapy Laboratory 3
Semester Total 6
OCCU 1404 Mental Health and Occupational Therapy Interventions  4
OCCU 2101 Clinical Interventions Laboratory 1
OCCU 2113 Pediatrics and Occupational Therapy Interventions 3
OCCU 2203 Geriatrics and Occupational Therapy Interventions 3
OCCU 2201 Fieldwork Level I 1
OCCU 1501 Occupational Intervention Analysis and Application I 1
Semester Total 13
OCCU 2304 Advanced Occupational Therapy Interventions 4
OCCU 2402 Physical Dysfunction and Occupational Therapy Interventions I 2
OCCU 2303 Advanced Clinical Management 3
OCCU 1303 Group Intervention Skills 3
OCCU 1502 Occupational Intervention Analysis and Application II 2
Semester Total 14
OCCU 2412 Physical Dysfunction and Occupational Therapy Interventions II   2 
OCCU 2504 Advanced Clinical Intervention Skills 4
Semester Total 8
Course   SEM. HR.
OCCU 2514 Fieldwork Level II-A* (Full-time clinical internship for 8 wks.) 4
OCCU 2524 Fieldwork Level II-B* (Full-time clinical internship for 8 wks.) 4
Semester Total 8
Program Credit Hour Total 86

*All OTA students are required to complete Level II Fieldwork A and B within 18 months following the completion of academic preparation.

Basic Studies Requirements:

Reading - ACT 19 or above (or) ASSET 41 or above (or) COMPASS 82 or above (or) complete BSTD 0113 Reading Skills II. Students testing into basic studies reading are required to take the Nelson-Denny reading test for placement into the appropriate reading class.

Writing - ACT 19 or above (or) ASSET 42 or above (or) COMPASS 75 or above (or) complete BSTD 0213 Fundamentals of Writing II.

Math - ACT 19 or above (or) ASSET Intermediate Algebra Skills 43 or above (or) COMPASS 71 or above (or) complete BSTD 0513 Intermediate Algebra.

SAS - A course required for all first-time, full-time degree-seeking students and students who test into two or more basic studies courses


If you are interested in further information regarding this program, contact:
Dean of Health Sciences
Phone: 870-864-7102; Fax: 866-222-8026