Heritage Plaza


South Arkansas Community College is more than just a location for students to attend classes. It serves as a vital part of downtown El Dorado, the heart of the college's operations, and the centerpiece of every student's learning experience. 

With the recent addition of the El Dorado Conference Center and SouthArk Student Center, an even stronger connection has been forged between the West Campus and El Dorado's award-winning downtown, further enhancing the college's visibility in the community.

Now, the opportunity exists to build upon the momentum of our improvements and develop an outdoor learning center and gathering place for students and faculty by creating Heritage Plaza. This beautiful, tree-lined plaza is the next step in enhancing the campus experience for students.  It also pays tribute to the school's rich history in El Dorado for residents and visitors.

Heritage Plaza will be a visual representation of the college's legacy for SouthArk students and employees, as well as the community. Built at the very heart of the SouthArk campus, a location that has always been home to a learning institution since El Dorado's earliest days, the plaza will be a lively gathering place ringed with benches, planters, landscaping and grassy lawns, where our students and faculty can interact on a daily basis, as well as a central location for special events.

A unique water feature will be adapted to convert into a stage for performances and presentations, while paved walkways will guide traffic to each comer of the campus: the Library to the west, the Administration Building to the east, the Health Sciences Center to the south, and the Computer Technology Building to the north.

South Arkansas Community College has a legacy of learning and growth in El Dorado. Now it is time to pay tribute to this special place in the center of our community by making a generous gift to make Heritage Plaza a reality. 

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