Adult Ed gets glowing review

The adult education program at South Arkansas Community College recently received a stamp of approval during a state-level program review from Arkansas Division of Workforce Services Adult Education Section.
This is an audit that is completed every four to five years that reviews all aspects of the program including policies, services, curriculum, files, financials, facilities, equipment and software, program data, etc. Due to COVID-19, SouthArk’s adult education program was the first center in the State of Arkansas to conduct this review virtually.
According to the reviewers, the center provided exceptional organization and presentation of the virtual records in addition to a virtual tour during the review. Results of the program review were successful, with high praise and recognition from the team of reviewers.
“Our faculty and staff are passionate about serving students,” SouthArk adult education director Amy Sturdivant said. “I’m very proud of our center and the accomplishments we have made together. It’s a team effort. Now it’s time for us to celebrate a job well done.”