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SouthArk Spotlight - Philip Shackelford

Monday, Nov. 1 6:00 pm

Rise of the Mavericks: Air Force Intelligence and the Cold War.

Join Philip Shackelford for a journey into the hidden world of Cold War espionage, as he explores the history of the U.S. Air Force Security Service and its unique rise in the early post-World War II environment. Created at a time when the U.S. military was experiencing wholesale reorganization, the USAFSS was a small but powerful intelligence agency created to give the infant Air Force competitive footing in the intelligence community.

Fulfills College-wide Student Learner Outcomes: CT1, CT3, CT5, C1, C2, R1

The SouthArk Spotlight series is a brand-new program created by the SouthArk Library. Imagine a TED-talk or lecture series, but instead of guest speakers, SouthArk’s own faculty and staff provide a compelling glimpse into their own research, work, and disciplines. These lectures are free and open to the public, and highlight the high-caliber work being done by SouthArk faculty and staff.