Chapter Four: Student Services
Procedure Title: Admissions Policy
Based On: Board Policies 1 and 2
Procedure Number: 4.02
Date Adopted/Revised: June 28, 2001; November 21, 2006; May 15, 2007; May 17, 2010; April 13, 2015; November 30, 2015; July 21, 2016
It is the responsibility of the Dean of Enrollment Services to administer accurately the College admissions policy.
  1. Open Door/ Access

    South Arkansas Community College is an open-door institution. Consequently, all high school graduates, persons who have earned a GED certificate, or persons beyond high school age who can demonstrate ability to benefit, may enroll in the College’s credit programs. Applicants must submit an application for admission, college placement test scores, all records of previous secondary and post secondary education, and health records, as appropriate.

  2. Unconditional Admissions

    In accordance with Act 1290 of 1997, as amended by Act 520 of 1999, South Arkansas Community College will admit unconditionally all Arkansas high school graduates beginning with the class of 2002, who have completed the core curricula as established in Act 1290. There is no required placement test score for students admitted under this provision.

  3. Conditional Admissions

    Applicants may be admitted conditionally for one of the following reasons:

    1. if transferring from another institution at which they were on academic probation; or
    2. if unable to meet requirements of Act 1290 as stated above.

    Such students will be subject to the admissions criteria stated in the College Catalog. If such criteria are not met, the student will be placed on probation, and enrollment will be limited to only those courses required for meeting the conditions for removal from the Conditional Admissions status.

  4. Admission to a Specific College Program/Selective Admissions

    Admission to the College does not ensure immediate admission into a particular program or course of study. The College faculty and administration will establish and publish admission criteria for each curriculum and prerequisites for all courses. Admission to selective admissions programs will be in accordance with criteria established by the appropriate program director and the South Arkansas Community College administration. Students enrolled in allied health programs of study may be required to provide documentation of recent drug screening in order to be considered for admission.

  5. Provisions for Remediation

    When a student does not meet required criteria, the College will establish procedures through a remediation program whereby students may be prepared to enter college-level courses.

  6. Enrollment of High School Students in College Level Courses

    State law provides that high school students may be admitted to be enrolled in classes for college credit. The faculty and administration have the authority to establish admission criteria for these students.

  7. Non-Immigrant/International Students

    The administration of the College is authorized to seek approval from the Immigration and Naturalization Service of the U. S. Department of Justice for the enrollment of non-immigrant/international students.