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We want you to take an active role in enjoying your experience here at SouthArk, and the best way to do so
is by taking full advantage of all the great resources we have to offer! Free campus events, student organizations,
leadership development and much more!

Welcome to the SouthArk Library!


Here at the SouthArk Library, our mission is to serve at the intersection of education, resources, and community. We believe that everyone should have access to the tools and content they need to broaden their horizons, enrich their lives, and provide for their future. Libraries transform, and that’s what we are here to do.

We believe that libraries should provide opportunities for individuals and progress for communities. Enhancing our local quality of life is important to us, and that’s why we are committed to bringing you the best content, cultural and educational programming, and an unparalleled customer experience.

Libraries today are more than books. They are places to quench curiosity, pursue new boundaries, and explore ideas, hobbies, and careers. Libraries are champions of lifelong learning. The SouthArk Library is dedicated to providing this experience to all who call South Arkansas home, because we are YOUR library.

At the SouthArk Library we are fully focused foward. Join us on the journey and harness the power of your library!

Our Mission

The SouthArk Library promotes excellence in learning, teaching, and service, provides lifelong educational and cultural enrichment opportunities, and serves as an intellectual, cultural, and development resource for the community.

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SouthArk Library Hours

8:00 AM to 5:30 PM Monday-Thursday

8:00 AM to 12:00 noon on Fridays

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