Academic and Career Achievement Program (ACAP)

Our Mission

The mission of ACAP is to empower individuals with intellectual, developmental, and other neuro disabilities to live, learn, work, and participate in the social fabric of our community.  We believe given the opportunity and proper support, all individuals can achieve academic success, successful careers, and personal growth.

Who We Serve

The ACAP program at South Arkansas College is designed for individuals who have Intellectual Disabilities (ID) or Developmental Disabilities (DD), and who can benefit from the college experience.

Our Goal

The ultimate goal of the ACAP program is to allow students with special needs to have an inclusive college experience by attending classes, abiding by college rules, participating in college activities, clubs, and events, all while preparing for gainful employment after graduating from the program.

Our Curriculum

The ACAP curriculum has been designed to create a learning experience where young adults with special needs are empowered with skills necessary to be independent, engaged, and contributing members of the community.  The curriculum, learning activities, and internships are structured around social interaction, personal development, independent living skills, preparation for a certificate or degree-seeking program, and/or preparation for employment.

Faculty and Staff

Marian Jones
Program Director/Instructor, ACAP

School students