Adult Education

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Adult Education is a free program that provides academic instruction, workplace training, and English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction. Students may work on basic skills to improve their ACCUPLACER scores, to take the Official GED Test, to improve their employability skills, to advance their workplace skills, or to gain personal satisfaction.  

Eligible students must reside in the State of Arkansas.  Students will be asked to provide proof of Arkansas ID (or other proof of residency).  The Adult Education Program follows established laws, policies, and regulations.  All incoming students are evaluated and placed in classes based on current academic level. Instruction is diagnostic, prescriptive, and individualized. 

Students have access to computers and modern curriculum. Small group and individual instruction are available at no cost to participants. Classes are provided at three locations, online, and through our Hyflex model of instruction.

The Adult Education program at SouthArk is ADA accessible and EEOC compliant.  Disability accommodations are provided with proper documentation and approval.  For more information, contact 870-864-7182.

Faculty and Staff

Casey Rapp
Director of Adult Education 

Helen Frosh
Assistant Director of Adult Education 

Joanna Carpenter
Advisor, Bradley County

Cleanthia Willis

Advisor, Union County