Student Organizations

How To Join An Organization

  • Students enrolled at SouthArk are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities. 

  • Most organizations have open membership available to all students. 

  • However, some have selective membership based upon local, state, or national criteria. 

  • Students interested in joining a club/organization should contact the appropriate club sponsor. 

How To Start An Organization

  • Students who would like to establish an organization or club at SouthArk should submit the following to the Vice President for Student Services for consideration and approval. 

  • To apply, download and submit the completed application to the Vice President for Student Services office, ECC 262 or email Adrienne Lawrence

Include the following information:

  • Name of organization or club 

  • A declaration of the purpose, goals, activities, membership requirements, constitution, and bylaws 

  • SouthArk employee sponsor 

  • At least five signatures of potential members (must be students at SouthArk) 

  • The VPSS will take the completed applications to the Student Services Committee for action and approval. 

Student Organizations

Honor Societies

Specialty Organizations

Programmatic Organizations

Student Clubs (Special Interest Groups)