Jobs for Arkansas Graduates (JAG)

What is JAG?

Nationwide, 70 percent of students facing academic and financial barriers that pursued a postsecondary education are unable to successfully complete their first year of college. JAG aims to serve those students to ensure their educational journey ends in graduation and job placement. Jobs for Arkansas’ Graduates (JAG) is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving those who face significant challenges, to help them reach economic and academic success. JAG helps young people of truly great promise succeed both in school and on the job, leading to a productive and rewarding career.

Who is JAG for?

Students Ages 14-24
High School JAG Participants
First Generational College Students
English Learners
Single Parents
Students with a Disability
Students who are Homeless or Aging out of Foster Care
Students with Low-Income
Academically Disadvantaged

JAG Service Areas

College assistance – a JAG-trained college and career coach will be with students throughout their college experience.  The JAG college and career coach will be the student’s college advocate and “go to” person when they have questions regarding registration, financial aid, career choices, or personal issues that may impact their college experience.  The career coach will connect students with college, academic, career and personal resources to ensure that each student reaches his or her college graduation and career goals.

Learning community – students will take courses with other JAG students.  The JAG courses will provide participants with an orientation to college and resources, study strategies, pre-employment strategies, career planning, career seeking skills, etc.  The learning community will support one another to help motivate and inspire each other to achieve their collegiate and career goals.

Student organization – the purpose will be to provide a support group for students and to engage them in civic and social activities.

Monthly workshops - students will attend monthly workshops to improve skills such as time management, financial awareness, goal setting, and other real-life skills to promote success in all areas of their life. 

Industry and community connections – the career coach will work with business partners to provide students with quality job and apprenticeship opportunities.

Mentorship – students will be mentored by a professional in their chosen career field.

Job shadowing – students will participate in job shadowing opportunities in their chosen career field.

Curriculum connections – this will be a mix of career planning with opportunities such as career fairs, College Transfer fairs, internships, on-the-job training, apprenticeships, etc.

For more information about JAG at SouthArk, contact:

Dana Lawrence
JAG College and Career Coach

JAG members in a classroom