Rising STARS Summer Bridge Program

What is the Rising STARS Bridge Program?

This program aims to provide academic, social, and leadership support and growth to new students during this critical transition in their lives. Up to 25 students will be chosen for this program. Students selected will learn about key variables such as how to establish and maintain relationships, campus resources, classroom/program expectations, understanding a syllabus, study skills, time management skills and on campus student group awareness.

Kimberly Moore
Director of Student Engagement

Who Qualifies?

  • Must be attending South Arkansas College for the upcoming Fall semester.

  • Students who were members of the National Honor Society.

  • A member, past or present, of a community group or active within the community.

  • Have ACT score of 17+ in English, Reading & Math or its equivalent.

Student's Commitment to the Program?

  • Attend all three days of the bridge program.

  • Be open to learning new skills and strategies, as well as adjusting to college life.

  • Actively participate in the sessions provided within the program.

  • Be willing to engage with their fellow peers in the program and build strong social connections.

  • Be open to exploring their leadership potential and developing the skills necessary to become effective leaders.