Other Sources of Aid

Sixty (60) and Over Waiver. Any person sixty (60) years of age or older will be granted a tuition and mandatory fees waiver on a space-available basis for enrollment in credit courses. Waiver forms are available in the Bookstore.   Waiver form

Arkansas Rehabilitation Services. Arkansas residents who have disabilities that hinder them from employment may receive retraining assistance from the state to prepare them for a return to gainful employment. For more information contact the El Dorado office at 708 W. Faulkner, (870)862-5451. 

Workforce Investment Act. This program is designed to provide a variety of job-seeking and training services to youth, adults, and dislocated workers who qualify. Training services are provided through the voucher system. Information and eligibility requirements are available from the following agencies:

Southwest Arkansas Planning and Development District, Inc. -- Counties served: Calhoun, Columbia, Dallas, Hempstead, Howard, Lafayette, Little River, Miller, Nevada, Ouachita, Sevier, and Union. Call (870) 234-4030 or 234-9097 in Magnolia, (870) 863-0218 in El Dorado, (870) 798-3223 in Hampton, or (870) 863-5024 in Camden.

Southeast Arkansas Economic and Development District, Inc. -- Counties served: Arkansas, Ashley, Bradley, Chicot, Cleveland, Desha, Drew, Grant, Jefferson, and Lincoln. Call (870)226-3742 in Warren.

Union Community Action Association, Inc. -- Parishes served: Marshall, Union and West Carroll. Call (318) 368-9606 in Farmerville, (318) 283-0849 in Bastrop, and (318) 428-8640 in Oak Grove.

Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund (SPSF). The Arkansas SPSF works with organizations and individuals at the county level to develop incentive scholarship funds for single parents who wish to complete a college education in preparation for well-paying employment. For more information, contact the Regional Program Manager.  Scholarship Service Map By County

Arkansas Human Development Corporation. This program pays for fees, books, supplies, and an hourly allowance for qualified students. To be eligible, students or parents of dependent students must have derived at least fifty-one (51) percent of their gross income for the past year from farm-related employment. The AHDC representative will determine student eligibility. For further information contact AHDC at (870)382-2050.