SouthArk Leadership Class

The goal of the SouthArk Leadership Academy is to develop a network of qualified leaders for the present and future college and community needs. To meet this goal, SouthArk seeks to:

  • Identify and motivate individuals with leadership potential;

  • Acquaint participants with issues, needs, challenges, and opportunities in higher education, community college, and community;

  • Engage participants in information sharing, exchange of ideas, and networking;

  • Challenge potential leaders to become involved with issues, the decision-making process, and professional development;

  • Provide participants with skills, opportunities, and mentors for leadership development.


To be eligible, you must have:

  • Been a full-time employee at SouthArk for at least one year,

  • An evaluation that is above expectations,

  • The approval of your department/division supervisor,

  • And have their full support – for you and the time required to participate in the 9 month/9 session program.

South Arkansas College will schedule another Leadership Class soon to assist in the professional development of our employees.

(Please download the fillable PDF, and open it using Adobe. Please do not try and type on the form in a web browser, because the information will not save.)

SouthArk Lead Class VI Members
: Jon Bourn, Carol Modica-Moore, Justin Murphree, Kathy Reaves, Shanell Robbins, Emily VandeZwalm

SouthArk Lead Class V Members
: Alejandra Muñoz, Gary Hall, Kathy Modica, Mary Kate Sumner

SouthArk Lead Class IV Members
: Brandi Cotterman, Jennifer Baine, LaBreshianna Hicks, Will Rankin, Rebekah Wagner

2017 - 2018
SouthArk Lead Class III Members:  Tim Johnson, Roslyn Nipper, Robert Norman, Philip Shackelford, Susan Spicher, Vanessa Williams

2016 - 2017
SouthArk Lead Class II Members:  Benjamin Cagle, Caroline Hammond, Sherry Howard, Valerie Lewis, Vernita Morgan, Christy Wilson

2015 - 2016
SouthArk Lead Class I Members:  Linda Bates, Heather Smith, Dr. John Spencer, Amy Sturdivant, Genevieve White

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