SouthArk Leadership Class

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The goal of the SouthArk Leadership Academy is to develop a network of qualified leaders for the present and future college and community needs. To meet this goal, SouthArk seeks to:

  • FullSizeRenderidentify and motivate individuals with leadership potential;
  • acquaint participants with issues, needs, challenges, and opportunities in higher education, community college, and community;
  • engage participants in information sharing, exchange of ideas, and networking;
  • challenge potential leaders to become involved with issues, the decision-making process, and professional development;
  • provide participants with skills, opportunities, and mentors for leadership development.


To be eligible, you must have:

  • been a full-time employee at SouthArk for at least one year,
  • an evaluation that is above expectations,
  • the approval of your department/division supervisor,
  • and have their full support – for you and the time required to participate in the 9 month/9 session program.

If you are interested in applying for participation in the 7th SouthArk Lead Academy, please submit the application to Kathy Modica by September 1, 2021.

Application: PDF 
(Please download the fillable PDF, and open it using Adobe. Please do not try and type on the form in a web browser, because the information will not save.)

SouthArk Lead Class VI Members: Jon Bourn, Carol Modica-Moore, Justin Murphree, Kathy Reaves, Shanell Robbins, Emily VandeZwalm

SouthArk Lead Class V Members: Alejandra Muñoz, Gary Hall, Kathy Modica, Mary Kate Sumner

SouthArk Lead Class IV Members: Brandi Cotterman, Jennifer Baine, LaBreshianna Hicks, Will Rankin, Rebekah Wagner

2017 - 2018
SouthArk Lead Class III Members:  Tim Johnson, Roslyn Nipper, Robert Norman, Philip Shackelford, Susan Spicher, Vanessa Williams

2016 - 2017
SouthArk Lead Class II Members:  Benjamin Cagle, Caroline Hammond, Sherry Howard, Valerie Lewis, Vernita Morgan, Christy Wilson

2015 - 2016
SouthArk Lead Class I Members:  Linda Bates, Heather Smith, Dr. John Spencer, Amy Sturdivant, Genevieve White