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We want you to take an active role in enjoying your experience here at SouthArk, and the best way to do so
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Researching Colleges, Scholarships, and More!

Provides general information on the cost of higher education in Arkansas and the various financial aid programs available through the Arkansas Department of Higher Education.
This federal student aid site can be used by students of all ages and by parents to find out what to do when preparing for college. 
Outlines specific steps for students to take in each grade from middle school through high school; guides students on how to successfully prepare for the college admissions process.
etails many types of scholarship available to students. is being built by the U.S. Department of Education in collaboration with students. This site is intended to be the go-to source for information and resources about planning, preparing and paying for postsecondary education (such as 2- or 4-year colleges and universities, and vocational or career schools). 
A site designed to help you explore career options, plan for college and locate financial aid sources.

Advice from ACT on what you need to do to prepare for college, how to apply to colleges and search for financial aid, and more.

Research colleges, careers, scholarships, and more! This site is sponsored by the Princeton Review test preparation company. 
Research different career and colleges, search for scholarships free, utilize a financial aid calculator, and get information on taking the SAT. 
Find everything relating to college, from the application process to blogs written by other college-bound students.

An Arkansas search engine providing information on 21 state and lottery funded scholarships, grants, and loan reimbursements. Complete the YOUniversal application to begin your search. 
Provides a collection of hundreds of scholarships and grants for which Arkansas students may be eligible. 
An extensive, comprehensive website that covers everything from scholarships and grants to writing admittance essays. This site includes information on minority scholarships and the NCAA/NCAA Clearing House. 
A free search for private scholarships. They ask for an address and phone number to provide to their sponsors. 
A comprehensive presentation of aid sources, loans, etc. It also contains free scholarship searches from several different databases. Calculate potential college costs, loan payments, savings, and the expected family contribution (EFC). Click on “Calculators” to begin. 
This site is sponsored by Sallie Mae. To use this service, you need an e-mail address. Free!

Click on “Student,” then “Financial Need Estimator.” Have your real/estimated tax and asset information available.
This free tool created by the U.S. Department of Education allows you to receive an estimate of your federal financial aid to help you plan for college costs.
AIE's calculators are designed to help determine the costs associated with higher education. This page includes a loan calculator, in school budget worksheet, out of school budget worksheet, and an expected family contribution calculator.

Find information on the complete federal student aid process, including the online FAFSA form. You must complete this form to apply for loans, grants, and campus work study programs.