Behavioral Review Team (BRT)

Welcome to the Behavioral Review Team (BRT) website! At South Arkansas Community College (SouthArk), we are committed to proactive leadership in student wellbeing and campus safety.

By focusing on prevention and early intervention with campus situations that involve any person experiencing distress or engaging in harmful or disruptive behaviors, the BRT will serve as the coordinating hub of existing resources to develop intervention and support strategies and offer case management.

Students, faculty, staff, and campus guests are encouraged to report any person on campus who is a concern. SouthArk is dedicated to preserving a culture of campus safety so members and community guests will be able to focus on lifelong learning and enjoying the college experience.

If a student is referred by the BRT team for counseling, the counselor will make contact with the student and begin a counseling relationship.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of behaviors that could result in a BRT referral:

Sexual Assault Fight Bullying
Terroristic Threatening Possession of Firearms or Knives On-Campus Alcohol/Drug Use

Read The Cleary Act Compliance Manual

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